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Catechist Resources 

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Each item that is underlined will take you to the link where you can pick the topic/subject you are teaching and making a lesson plan for. If you discover one and feel it should be add send them to


Good Samaritan Care Packages – Get kids involved in asking for donations to assemble care packages for residents of nursing homes and homeless shelters. Collect pens, stamps, toothbrushes, magazines, and socks and assemble the packages together. Use this activity to teach children about the generosity that we learn from stories in the Bible, such as the Good Samaritan.

Thank You Cards – Teach your students about the importance of being thankful and of encouraging their fellow man by making thank you cards for the people in their communities. Talk with your students about the many jobs that people do in their neighborhoods without being thanked, such as garbage men, teachers, policemen, and doctors. This activity can be used when discussing the story of Jesus’ cleansing of the lepers and remind children that it is important to always be thankful.

73 Community Service Projects


Please know not all videos have been pre watched, you must watch the entire clip or movie part you are playing. Make sure it is age appropriate. If you do not know then ask!
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