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Catechist Classroom Help Articles and Ideas

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10 Reasons why you should be a catechist

Junior High

How to make a worksheet effective...

Junior High

Lessons broken by grade


Help with preparing for class...

Have a full time job, running to get dinner before Wednesday......Here are some helpful tips   

Junior High

Catholic Escape Rooms
Scavenger Hunts

Escape Rooms are fun to do with the class. They do take a little work to get ready. Most of the work can be done in the office at Seven Dolors, but you have to give 2 weeks notice to have all copies and folders ready for small groups. You are able to download and look at the material. You can email Toni and she will make sure it is ready the night you are using it. 

Please know not all videos have been pre watched, you must watch the entire clip or movie part you are playing. Make sure it is age appropriate. If you do not know then ask!
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