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How can you help in your parish?

Liturgical Ministry

Whether you enjoy speaking in front of people or like to be behind the sense with no attention directed on you, there is a ministry for all comfort levels. With each ministry there is training to help you feel comfortable with what you choose to do. Each one of our four parishes have a committee that will support you in your ministry.

Priest's Desk
Church Altar


Woman Praying


Adoration is offered at 3 of our 4 parishes. Every Monday Seven Dolors holds hours of adoration, Thursday- Saint Martin holds hours and then on Friday Saint Benedict has hours offered to pray before the blessed sacrament.

Priest Celebrating Mass

Extraordinary Ministers

Bishops, priests, and deacons distribute Holy Communion as Ordinary Ministers of the Body and Blood of the Lord.

  Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion
are parishioners whose lifestyle and conduct truly exemplify Catholic moral teaching.

Gift Bearers

On behalf of the eucharistic assembly, gift bearers present the gifts of bread, wine and collection in the offertory procession.

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