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Get to know the council members and committees 


Each parish that makes up the Harvest of Hope Area Catholic Community has two parish trustees and a finance council.

A trustee is usually church volunteer who oversees physical aspects of a church such as finance, property, and buildings.

Trustees are usually voted on by a local church or selected by elders representing church members for certain periods of time.

Saint Anthony:
Jim Rehkamp
Jean Buetz

Saint Benedict:
Brad Opatz
Eileen Litchy
Saint Martin:
Diane Rothstein
Carl Lieser

Seven Dolors:
Gary Schulzetenberg
Lisa Groetsch 

Finance Council

Saint Martin:
Karen Beier
Joel Schmitz
Joan Olmscheid
Mary Jo Schlick
Jason Hoffmann
Allen Stang


Seven Dolors:
Dave Braeglemann
Cindy Nienaber
Jim Sand
Bill Scepaniak
Jim Kastanek
Derrick Meyer
Sue Clemen

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