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Hold Your Cards, We may have a WINNER!

Building our community one Bingo at a time. The ACC Council asked the parishioners what they wanted and that led the Harvest of Hope to a family fun event of Bingo. Families joined the Seven Dolors Mass on a Saturday and then stayed to eat, visit and play some Bingo.

March 25 at Saint Martin the ACC Council will host the next BINGO night. More fun and prizes to be had. Starts at 5:00 pm with a special evening Mass, then food, fun, family and BINGO.

Harvest of Hope Pastoral Council

Saint Anthony
Jean Beutz, Jenny Goebel, Lisa Jensen, 
Jim Rehkamp

Saint Benedict
Jim Gondringer, Eileen Litchy, Brad Opatz

Saint Martin
Nick Korn, Carl Lieser, Karen Pundsack,
Diane Rothstein

Seven Dolors
Darlene Felling, Anne Gourde, Lisa
 Groetsch,  Gary Schulzetenberg,

Facilitator - Michelle Friederichs
Minute Recorder - Joleen Kotten
Harvest of Hope Staff
Father Edward Vebelun - Pastor
Peggy Arseneau - Business Manager
Abbey Dupuy - Liturgist
Toni Hudock - Pastoral Associate

If you would like a copy of the minutes please check at any of the 4 parishes for a copy.

the Harvest of Hope
Area Catholic Community

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