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In the Harvest of Hope Area Catholic Community

The Confirmation program used in all four parishes was developed by the  Diocese of Saint Cloud. The program is intended to foster and strengthen the faith of the candidates through the relationships of family, peers, sponsors, and faith community, knowing that it is through witness and relationship that they can come to know and love God. 

The Confirmation process start in grade nine. This is done through in class lessons, service projects and speakers. They continue this growing in the tenth grade. The third year in the program students have less in class session. They spend the year strengthening  relationships with their sponsor, parents, and community.  To learn more about the program please visit


December 3 - 10 to 6

2022/23 Assignment Due Dates

Sacrament of Confirmation 2023

Confirmation 2023 smaller.jpg

Confirmation for Harvest of Hope
Bishop Patrick Neary

March 12, 2023

Thank you Lisa Anderson for the beautiful photo.
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